Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Ignatius Vs Sylvania Northview

St. Ignatius ripped apart the defending state champions in a convincing win.  St. Ignatius will face a Sylvania Northview Team that seemed to have gone on a stroll in a clover patch, with a shut out victory, over the first time appearing shamrocks.

St. Ignatius is the home team and Sylvania the visitors in a high noon match up.  Based on attendance from today, these two schools also have the best fan followings so the rink will host a great crowd.

The game will likely have a faster tempo than either game today.  More trading of hits, and shots as well.  Much tighter action overall.   These are the best two teams in the state, both looking to bring home a championship.  Both playing in the last game of the high school hockey season (sadly as there is no reason why the state champions should not advance at the schools choosing to play in the national high school tournament).  In the only meeting between these team this season the match ended in tie.  Neither club able to find the net.  Since that meeting Ignatius beat St. Francis 5-2, beat St. Ed's and then dropped two to U.School.  Those two losses to U. School are Ignatuis and one to Hamilton are the losses since the tie with Sylvania.  I will say based on today's shredding of U. School that is is safe to assume that Ignatius is playing at their peak.  This makes the match against a top performing Sylvania that much better.  Both teams now have the jitters out, both have skated on the perfectly maintained ice of Nation Wide Arena.  Both schools have strong support.  Its going to be a great hockey game.
I've gotta feeling...I've said it all along.  Now I will share that feeling with you.  I've gotta feeling that the Sylvania Northview Wildcats will be crowned 2009-2010 Ohio high school hockey champions.  The score will likely be low, quite possibly 2-1, or 3-2.  It may even go to extra time.  Yet in the end it is my belief that Sylvania can and will win this contest.
I've gotta feeling, and I will see you at the rink.

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