Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big Scoring Falcon recruit recieves honors

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Bryce Williamson recorded 107 pts this season, averaging 1.8 points a game.  He is also the St. Albert franchise record holder of most goals in a season at 41, most assists at 66 and most game winning goals at 8.   As well as most carrer goals at 102, most carrer assists at 136 and most carrer points at 238.
Bryce is excited about joining the BGSU Falcons for the 2010-2011 season.  He will be bringing some of the needed offensive speed and scoring the team lost while in turmoil last summer.

The Falcons have had a fantastic recruiting season under coach Williams, and news of the Universities and Fan commitment to the team, and rink renovations.  This class includes the following players:
Name                Position               last team                  height weight
Jacob Sloat         LD          Owatonna(NAHL)        5'11 175lbs
Scott Zacharias            G               PEmbroke(COJHL)         6'3 180lbs
Brett Mohler              RW                      TRI-City(USHL)        6'   175lbs
Andrew Wallace                 L-C                Surrey (BCHL)                  5'10 180lbs
Ryan Viselli                RW                       PEnticton(BCHL)          5' 10  180lbs
Bryce Williamson                      RW                       St. Albert                        6' 173lbs
Wyatt Galley                G                               Neapean(COJHL)                 6' 175lbs      
Chad Sumsion                RW-C                    Neewmarket(CCHL)                6' 190lbs
Kyle Sucher                      D                        ST. Louis Midget                  5'9 170lbs
Mike Montrose                                  LD            TRI CIty (USHL)                        5'11 171lbs               

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