Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Polls here, lets look at how MyHockey ranked them

Well there it is, the WWW.MyHockey.com rankings for Ohio High Schools.
In looking at who we have still standing, University School is set to play Gilmour.  That is #2 playing #7, good match up.   We have Sylvania Northview #5 playing Findlay #10, another good match up.  We have # 3 ST Ignatius playing either #6 St. Ed's or #8 Padua, which will no doubt all be good match ups.  We also  have down in the Columbus district  # 17 Dublin playing #25 Centerville, which will be a very hotly contested match.  While the schools in the Columbus district as whole are not on the same level as the rest of the state.  Teams like Dublin and Centervill are coming on in recent years and have become very competitive, they are not push overs by any means and win big games, Im sure the consistency will keep on building in those top Columbus district programs.
Now if we could have a tournament with all the members of the the ten, via random draw.  Two pools of 5, top two advance to the finals from each pool, WOW, that would really hot.  That is something that would sure get people excited and talking a lot more  about HS hockey.  Maybe, just maybe something like could be planed for mid season.  At any rate we have worked on down, to the picks, of the litters.  The teams playing at their peaks are advancing and those who are not are going home.  There is absolutely no room for error, the pressure is  high.  We are going to end up with one excellent final four field.  You cant ask for more from March Hockey.

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