Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Early look at the Trojans Vs Wildcats

The Trojans did it. They worked hard, came out and did what they had to do beat the number one team in the state in a quarter final game. Stunning many fans and hockey critics in the area, except your truly. Some-days its just not easy being me. Yet I had nothing to do with this great victory, I just interpreted what I saw. A St. Francis that had not improved all year and Trojan that was hungry and nearing their peak. The victory is the results of the efforts put forth by the Trojan coaches, putting in place a game plan that was exactly what they needed to win. You can expect no less from the fine StJohn coached Trojan teams. The players who then meticulously executed that plan, for the Trojans are clearly at their peak, for the season right now. Playing your best hockey right now is all that matters. For these two remaining team there are only two possibilities. Win and advance or loose, cry and pack your locker. One must win, and one must loose. Who ends up advancing and who ends up packing is determined on a sheet of ice, 200' long and 85' wide, of the course 45 min of regulation play and or to include Overtime as in the Trojan defeat of St. Francis.
So here we are the Trojans, the 4th place team in the Red Division, facing off against the 3rd seeded 2nd place Red Division Wildcat team. In their two meetings this season the Wildcats won 4-0 in the first meeting then 7-4 in the second meeting. I honestly don't think that means diddly squat now. Why or how can you think some may exclaim. It doesn't mean bunk now for the simple reason that these are two very different teams than those that played those two contests. The only team that had an identity back then was the Knights. The Wildcats got theirs just before the playoffs and Trojans found theirs on the way into last nights victory. I say we are all in for a real treat Saturday night. I've got a feeling about this game, but I am going to refrain making it public until after I watch back some footage of the past games.
Tonight we have Cleveland St. Ignatus facing off against Brecksville Broad-view HGTs in semi final action. I see this one the majority do, and that is an Ignatus win. Then we have Walsh Vs. Gilmour in the Semis as well, but down in Kent. I am saying we see a Walsh win in this one still.
Then tomorrow night we have the Parma Padua and St Eds match up. With all their experience in recent years many are picking St Ed's to come out on top. You bet, I've got a feeling, that Padua finds a way to win this game.
Have great evening and I'll see you all at the rink.

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