Monday, March 1, 2010

Confidence runs high for Knight fans

Fans of this year power house Knights team, have an abundance of confidence in what the out come of tonight's contest. Game predictions range from 4-2 all the way to 6-1. A few like your author, very few are calling for OT to reach a decision. I am sticking with my goals coming in spurts and OT win for the Trojans, I just have that feeling. The same feeling I had when the Steelers Beat the Colts, back in 2006 or the Saints this year. Feelings are not scientific, the way I view the numbers break down is that on paper there is no reason the #1 team should not beat the #10 in the state. Yet this is why we play the game, the Trojans have uped their game and I do not believe the Knights have, but have instead played at the same consistent high level all season. In about 12 hours we will know.

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